Sunday, 26 August 2012

  • SandwichVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a Tunneling Software.
  • Unblocks your favorite Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Hulu, Netflix...
  • Surf the Internet Anonymously and Securely,Fully Encrypted Surfing.
  • Hide your IP and real identity. multiple IP Switch.
  • Browsing the web is a lot fun, but you don't know the risk when you transmit any valuable data over the unsecured web. Its so easy to intercept since your data that travels over the air in plain text. This is What sandwich VPN is built for. Our servers take care of the encryption of your data, and transmit it encrypted so its secured and is unreadable since only our software and servers understands each others encryption.
  • We unblock default blocked website by your isp or administrator. Our software looks for open ports on your ISP firewall and connect to one of our servers and connect you to the open web world.
  • WI-FI spots can also be a free hot spot with the use of Sandwich VPN software. In hotels , airports, and other establishments that wi-fi has been dns blocked or poisoned ( without password ) . Our software encrypting principle can also be helpful since it creates a hole on that particular hotspot as long as that hot spot is qualified on our connection requirements.
  • In some countries where a user is charged per data usage Sandwich Software is also helpful cutting down huge data charges. Its data is been compress so that it will be very light on transmission to the client so less data is used. ( Not guaranteed on all isp. Data might not be compressed on some rare occasion depends on isp network structure).


How does SandwichVPN work?

SandwichVPN allows you to connect to the Internet at such Wi-Fi access points, where the access is denied or been closed by the provider. Our program creates a secured tunnel from your end to one of our servers. Some closed Wi-Fi hotspots do not allow to work using TCP/IP, but at the same time they allow to work over UDP. Our program uses this possibility, and as a result, with Sandwich software you can now be fully connected to the world wide web.
SandwichVPN makes you invisible in the web since if your connected to our servers youll be identified as one of our servers located across the globe so your real identity is hidden.
We also makes you safe from hackers and interceptors due to our high encryption technology, rest assured that your data is fully encrypted during a transmission on the web. Nobody can read it on or in rare cases if they are good enough to intercept. That in most cases they cannot.

Does your program work at all Hot Spots access points?

Three conditions should be met so that the SandwichVPN program worked:
    1. the access point must be open, i.e. it should not use secret keys/passwords or hotspot log-on
    2. the hotspot should allow to transfer data over UDP or TCP protocol to severs,since our software are programmed to combined with this protocol

Is conditions above always met by all hot spots?

These conditions are met in most cases. You can always set Protocol settings to auto to allow automatic protocol scanning for possible open ports.

Can I get free trial access?

Yes we allow trial users you can use our service for free. But with restrictions since demo server disconnects every hour, and you have only 50mb data transfer daily. In this way you can test our service for quite few hours. If your convinced that our software can be useful to  you then dont hesitate to upgrade your account.

Do Internet data transfer with SandwichVPN is lower, than a regular access.?

Data transfer with SandwichVPN can get higher as well as lower. This depends on the particular acces point which you use. In whatever reason, if you need quick access to the Internet, and it is hard to get due to some reasons, SandwichVPN service is the right one for you.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept as of the moment Liberty Reserve payment system. For other payment options you may contact

How can I pay for your services if i like to upgrade?

You can easily put your order on , by clicking on the payment buttons above and pay via Liberty Reserve SCI. If you forgot to put on your email during your pay up on the extra memo field then you can submit order on the upper right side of order now page. From there you can wait for your code to be sent via email by our sales team.

I have paid for your services, but I don't like the connection quality. May I request a refund?

No, we have no refunds since you have tested using our demo server. If you upgrade see to it that its fully working to you .